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The Twenty Percent True Podcast

Season 3: The Chicago Center for Supernatural Support

Season 2: Dubious Creatures

Episode 1: The Wooded Island
Episode 2: The Gremlins
Episode 3: The Weird Raccoon
Episode 4: The Jackalopes
Episode 5: Chaos
Episode 6: Weekend Omens
Episode 7: The Salamander Log
Episode 8: The Hidebehind
Episode 9: The Squonk
Episode 10: Robert
Episode 11: The Race
Episode 12: King over All that are Proud

Season 1: Modern Monsters

Episode 1: There's Nothing but Bass in the Lake
Episode 2: Demons
Episode 3: The Spider Woman
Episode 4: Shenanigans
Episode 5: The Reaper
Episode 6: The Roommate
Episode 7: the Take down of the Gargoyle Containment Unit
Episode 8: The Seal Woman
Episode 9: Lost Your Mind
Episode 10: Tears
Episode 11: The Harpies of 57th Street Beach
Episode 12: Family

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